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Panelists for A Fantastic Woman:

Leyla Flores Morales

Leyla Flores Morales is from Chile. She received a BA in History and Geography from the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación and an MA in History from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. She also holds an MSW from Grand Valley State University. She has conducted extensive research on women’s history during the colonial period and early 20th Century in Chile. She also has extensive experience working with Latinos as a social worker and advocate in Tucson, AZ and Grand Rapids, MI. She is currently a supervisor in the Core Health Program at Healthier Communities/Spectrum Health.

Leyla Flores Morales es originaria de Chile. Recibió su licenciatura en Historia y Geografía en la Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación. Tiene dos maestrías. Su primera maestría es en Historia, por la Universidad de Santiago de Chile; su segunda maestría es en trabajo social por Grand Valley State University. Leyla ha hecho investigación sobre la historia de las mujeres en la época colonial y a principios del siglo XX. Ha trabajado extensamente con la comunidad latina como trabajadora social en Tucson, AZ, y en Grand Rapids, MI. Actualmente es supervisora del programa Core Health, parte del programa Healthier Communities/Spectrum Health en Grand Rapids.

Cáel M. Keegan

Cáel M. Keegan is Assistant Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Liberal Studies at GVSU. He is the author of Lana and Lilly Wachowski: Sensing Transgender and has published work on LGBTQ media in Genders, Queer Studies in Media and Popular Culture, Transgender Studies Quarterly, Mediekultur, and Spectator. He is co-editor of Somatechnics 8.1 on "Cinematic Bodies," and has appeared in the Vice Guide to Film's episode on "Trans Cinema." Facebok and Twitter: Cael M Keegan, @caelkeegan

Cáel M. Keegan es profesor de Estudios de Género y Sexualidad, y de Estudios Liberales en Grand Valley State University. Es autor de Lana and Lilly Wachowski: Sensing Transgender y ha publicado artículos sobre medios LGBTQ en las revistas Genders, Queer Studies in Media and Popular Culture, Transgender Studies Quaterly, Mediekultur, y Spectator. Es co-editor de Somatechnics 8.1 en “Cinematic Bodies”, y ha aparecido en un episodio de Vice Guide to Film sobre “Trans Cinema”. Información de contacto a través de Facebook y Twitter: Cael M Keegan, @caelkeegan

Panelists for Benzinho

Toni Perrine

Toni Perrine has a Ph.D. in Film Studies from Northwestern University. Her areas of expertise include film history and theory with a particular interest in cultural theory, world cinema, especially the cinema of Latin America, and documentary film. She has also produced several documentary films including Grass War! Peasant Struggle in Brazil distributed by Cinema Guild. Her book, Film and the Nuclear Age: Representing Cultural Anxiety, was published by Garland Press. She recently completed an essay on the representation of landscape in Turkish cinema. She is the president of the Chiaroscuro International Film Series and is on the programming committee for the Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival.

Toni Perrine tiene un doctorado en Estudios Cinematográficos de Northwestern University. Sus áreas de investigación incluyen la historia y teoría del cine, con un interés particular en teoría cultural, cine mundial, especialmente cine latinoamericano y cine documental. Ha producido varios documentales como: Grass War! Peasant Struggle in Brazil distribuido por Cinema Guild. Su libro, Film and the Nuclear Age: Representing Cultural Anxiety, se publicó en Garland Press. Hace poco terminó un ensayo sobre la representación del paisaje en el cine turco. Es la presidenta de Chiaroscuro International Film Series y es parte del comité organizador del Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de Grand Rapids.

Malu Silva Martins Gadelh

Malu was born and raised in Belém, PA, Brazil. She came to the U.S. as an international student in high school, and went on to earn a bachelor‘s degree in Public Policy from Michigan State University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Grand Valley State University, focusing on research methods and civil rights issues. Although she has spent the past 8 years studying in the United States, she closely follows Brazilian news and keeps a pulse on current events. Malu tries to return to Brazil at least once a year to visit her beloved family and friends.

Malu es originaria de Belém, PA, Brasil. Llegó a Estados Unidos como estudiante internacional durante sus estudios de preparatoria y obtuvo una licenciatura en Políticas Públicas en Michigan State University. Actualmente es estudiante en el programa de maestría en Justicia Criminal en Grand Valley State University, y se enfoca en métodos de investigación y derechos civiles. Aunque ha vivido 8 años en Estados Unidos, se mantiene al tanto de lo que sucede en Brasil. Malu procura viajar a Brasil por lo menos una vez al año para visitar a su familia y amigos.

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