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Viewer discretion advised; not recommended for minors.

89 min.

Peru, 2014

Directed by Héctor Gálvez

In Spanish with English subtitles

NN offers a nuanced look at a country’s efforts, Perú, to come to terms with a dark chapter in its history: the civil war that took place from 1980-2000. A group of forensic anthropologists digs up the corpses of eight people who disappeared without a trace 20 years ago during a violent political period in Peru. Among them, they find a ninth unidentified corpse. The only thing that can lead to the identity of the man is the vague photo of a smiling girl found in his shirt’s pocket.

Fidel, a thoughtful investigator fascinated by the case, struggles to maintain a scientific approach to his work when a lonely widow shows up convinced this NN (Non Nomine) is her disappeared husband. Should he conduct a thorough investigation that may leave the widow’s plea unanswered or grant her the closure she has been searching for decades?

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